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    Fourth global automotive relay market steady rise PCB continue to expand

    News   2015-12-31

        Relay is auto parts in a important electronic components. It is widely used in automobile control start, pre heating, air conditioning, lighting, wiper, fuel injection, oil pump, security, audio, communications, navigation, electric fan, cooling fan, electric windows, airbags, anti lock brake, suspension control and vehicle electronic instrument and fault diagnosis system. PCB is usually used in cars . Relay is an important auto parts in electronic components, its application amount is very big. Automotive comfort, safety continues to improve, it will inevitably lead to rising demand for automotive relays. It is expected to 2013,The total number of relays per car use will rise to 30 to 35.
      PCB Relay market continues to expand:Automotive relays roughly divided into plug-in automotive relays and PCB (printed circuit board) type automobile relay two categories, The PCB automotive relay style for more automotive electronic modules, the more plug-in, the smaller and more peripheral filial piety and the degree of integration of electronic circuits higher, lower costs. The relay to the development of miniaturization, intelligent, high load etc.
     As the car humanity and comfort requirements continue to increase, the global automotive relay total demand will continue to increase. At the same time, consumers on car by driving safety, comfort, entertainment and other aspects of the requirements of the continuous improvement of will make car designers have to existing automotive electronics module and electronic circuit to improve or re design, which will on PCB type automobile relay proposed the new performance requirements. In addition, the traditional automotive electronic module PCB relay switch, will likely be automobile electronic circuit solutions are replaced by new. All of these will bring pressure to the supplier of technology and price.
      Global automotive relay market steady rise:As in recent years, automotive electronics, electrical products development, automotive relays has been leaps and bounds, the world's automobile production and sales of relays are a gradual upward trend. The next few years, the extent of e-vehicles will continue to increase, demand for automotive electronic and electrical appliances will also be increasing.

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